Hillary Clinton Rally in Oakland

I went to the rally for Hillary yesterday. One of the 14,000. It was fun with a side of gospel. Hmmm. Oh well. Hill was good. Much less robotic in real life. Here are some pics.


Darling I love Miss Hillary and I think she'd make a wonderful President but I honestly hope she doesn't get the nomination, I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that if she does get nominated we'll have to go through another 8 years of Republican hell. I like Obama too but I think he might be a tad inexperienced, I think the winning ticket that will secure the office for the Democrats will be an Edwards/Obama ticket. I could very well be wrong, it's still too soon but that's just my spin on the elections.
toddx said…
Mags, I think the Republicans lack a strong candidate, and I think we can't let them select our candidate based on their prejudices. We could make history--with a great, experienced, intelligent, committed candidate. I think the country deserves that.

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