When was the last time YOU went to the zoo?

And, the Tenderloin does not count. Well, I went yesterday to celebrate the birthday of one of Rand's friends. Adam was turning 27 (a baby) and he wanted to have a group of people go to the SF Zoo, walk around, illegally hug the animals, and just have a general good time.

I hadn't been to a zoo since I lived in Seattle, so I was looking forward to riding the giraffes and wrestling the bears (or do we only do that in Seattle?). My highlights: the owl that we nicknamed "Linda Blair," the meerkats, the giraffes, and the kid in the kangaroo costume.


When visiting the Zoo one should always avoid the monkey house they have a tendency to fornicate out in the open and touch themselves in an unclean way.
toddx said…
But. . . that's what I like about them. ;-)

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