Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday Morning

Death Pigeon!
I may be spending too much time in South Park. After having dinner at Renee's last night, I went back to R's place because he needed to be there in the morning to meet his cleaning lady. Ah, his first foray into the world of hired help. So, after she arrived, we left, went to the Bagel Barn, and walked over to South Park for a few minutes to watch the Death Pigeons eye us with disdain--or hunger.

R was his usual hyperactive morning self, jogging around the park, bagel in hand, taking swigs of my orange juice as he passed, lap after lap. Or, we just sat on the bench and surveyed the remains of last night's Giants game.

Who knew the fans would or could find their way into South Park? I assumed they all got on Bart or into their SUVs and headed back to Oakland or Daly City as quickly as they could.

Was I wrong. Oh, those B&T Giants fans! They really know how to have a party. And leave their crap all over the city. That's quite a Budweiser bottle, though. I hadn't ever seen one before.
Giants Budweiser

After all that, we continued our journey up to his work, and I slipped down into the Muni tunnel and caught the train home. Stopping, of course, to get a healthy apple fritter for breakfast at my local shop, Homeless Donuts.

I hope everyone has a great day. I still have laundry to do. Kill me.

Friday Night Dinner at Renee's

Dinner with Beth and Renee
Renee and Yasu left today for Hilton Head. It's Renee's mom's 60th birthday, so the family is gathering to relax and celebrate. Before departing, though, we decided to get together for a little dinner--just me, Beth and Renee. Before I got there, Renee and Beth ordered Thai food from Ozone (I think) which you see above.

The curry was very yummy. The tofu dish was pretty bland, so we all added sauce from the curry to it. Better. I had a taste of the beef, and it was okay. Renee said the pork was fatty.

Add to this one bottle of wine that we tried to like but just didn't. So, Renee opened a Bonny Doon 2004 Mourvedre. Much better. And check out this kick-ass label:

DEWN Mourvedre

So, we ate, drank, listened to music, and chatted. Then, Beth had to go because she was tired. Soon, though, R stopped by and then Yasu came home. After about 15 minutes or so, we parted ways so Renee and Yasu could hit the hay and be ready for their 6 AM-ish flight. It was already after 1 AM.

I hope you guys had a good flight!!

Please Don't Litter

I mean, was the trash can just TOO far away?

Don't Litter

Friday, June 29, 2007

R and Blake on the party bus

Sorry, ladies. They're taken. ;-)

Rand and Blake on the party bus

There's No Need to Fear

Underdog is here.

I love him! The 1970s were a more innocent time when it was perfectly fine to portray a cartoon character who derives his powers from a drug hidden in a secret compartment in his ring. Classic.

Now, I just need a t-shirt, a flask, and maybe a tattoo with Underdog. I guess I'm off to eBay. . .

Here's the intro to "The Underdog Show":

These are the tags in my neighborhood. . .

Tags in my neighborhood
Originally uploaded by Todd X.
Tagging is not art.

There. I said it. Tagging is vandalism, and I think it's ugly. My building was tagged, again, a few days ago. So, it got me thinking about the other tags in Hayes Valley. Add a camera and voila: mosaic!

Aren't they lovely? They add that certain "local flavor" to the area, right? No, not really. But, why do they exist? Wikipedia has an entry for gang graffiti that might reveal a little: Graffiti

Graffiti is not a calling card. Plus, I don't care how ancient the tradition is. As the Wikipedia entry states, "the public generally frowns upon "tags" that deface bus stops, trains, buildings, playgrounds and other public property." It's the human equivalent to a dog pissing on a tree in order to mark its territory. It's sub-human.

People even do it on the trains and buses:
muni graffiti
Despite the warnings:

And it takes a lot to clean this stuff up. Paint, soap, brushes, time and money. Maybe we can learn a little from this video:

In the end, I'm here to advocate extreme measures. If someone is caught tagging, he or she should be flogged. Or shot. Or beheaded. Something like that. Or, they should be forced to eat the paint or the innards of the pen/marker being used. Or, sentenced to watch "The Fantastic Four" movies on an unending loop for an entire month. That would do it.

Please. Don't tag my building again. Thanks.

Can Anyone Explain This to Me?

Scion billboard
Originally uploaded by Todd X.
On the corner of Franklin and Oak in San Francisco, you will find this billboard. It popped up a couple months ago, I think. And, I hate it. I mean, what is it saying? Our car is ugly; and if you like ugly things, you'll love our car. Or, our car is beautiful; and if you hate ugly things, you'll love our car.

Dear Madison Avenue, you cannot have it both ways. Your ad is dumb, and I hate your car--ugly or beautiful.

Now, can we get an Abercrombie and Fitch billboard up soon? Or Calvin Klein? Think of the children!!!

Lunch in South Park

What a gorgeous day! Yes, it was a little breezy at times, but the sun is shining and it's warm (and only going to get warmer over the next week--it should be a nice Fourth of July!!). Anyway, this was a day to eat outdoors. So, Renee and I went to Caffe Centro and had sandwiches for lunch and sat in the park watching the homeless and the pigeons frolic in the sun.

It was Friday and we have summer hours on Fridays, so we could have (should have) left early, but we were taking it easy and decided to go have a late lunch. So, after three up-and-down trips in the elevator (we were having a little issue getting the thing to let us off on the ground floor), we headed over to South Park and got a couple sandwiches.
South Park
Renee in South Park Ham & Cheese
We sat on the grass, enjoyed the sun, munched on our sandwiches and drank Diet Coke. All in all, a relaxing lunch--even though I carelessly tossed our aluminum cans into the regular trash. I'm such a bad recycler. :(

Renee and Amanda Hard at Work!

Doing the 401K for Spin. A thankless task.

Oh, this was my first mobiblog. I took the pic with my cellphone and sent it directly to Blogger. Cool and fun.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wentworth Miller Makes Chinese News

Is it weird that a Chinese website is speculating about Wentworth Miller's sexuality? I mean, he's hot enough to be gay, but does China care? Perez Hilton, I can understand, but do the readers of "China View (Xinhua Online)" really want to know who Wentworth is blowing now?

Apparently, yes:

BEIJING, June 29 -- Gay rumors have followed hunky "Prison Break" star Wentworth Miller since the show's 2005 debut on FOX, but never have the tabloids specifically linked the actor to a boyfriend until now.

According to, reliable sources have confirmed the 35-year-old actor is dating "Brothers & Sisters" star Luke McFarlane, who briefly dated "Grey’s Anatomy" star T.R. Knight last year.

"Wentworth and Luke have been secretly dating for almost six months now," a source told the gossip site. "They've been very quiet about their relationship, obviously, as Wentworth is not out of the closet."

According to the source, things are moving so quickly for the pair, there's even talk of their moving in together.

"They spend a lot of time at each other's houses," says the source. "Wentworth has been pretty reclusive since he's become famous and he’s been even more of a shut-in since he started dating Luke."

Miller is currently in production on the third season of "Prison Break," but sources tell that Fox is having a difficult time of it because Miller has become so press shy.

"Wentworth's become very difficult to work with," a Fox insider told the site. "He’s been cutting back immensely on the amount of press he's doing for 'Prison Break.' He's very nervous about reporters asking him if he's gay."

Source: Shenzhen Daily/Agencies)

Just wait until they hear what he likes to do with pandas. Yikes.

On the Morality of Ice Bins

Originally uploaded by Todd X.
I believe I can tell a lot about you by checking your freezer. No, not the Trader Joe's Potato Medley or Tony's frozen pizza. It's the ice. I'm convinced that the ice bin is a window into one's moral center.

Is your ice bin full? 90% empty? Filled with the remains of ice flecks from ice cubes of yesteryear? Or do you lack a bin entirely? Relying, instead, on the leftover bag from Safeway that you picked up the last time you had guests over to watch the Soprano's finale? I pity you.

I have no fewer than 7 (yes, seven) ice cube trays in my freezer. One came with the freezer. I bought two more before my belongings arrived from Hawai'i. When my container arrived, I had four more to add to the collection. I felt like the Warren Buffet of Ice. Billions of potential ice cubes stretched out before me, and I was determined to keep that bin full.

Which brings me to another point: do you use all the ice and never dump up fresh ice? Have you no soul?!

If you're sitting there thinking, "But my ice maker does all the work for me," then let me tell you something. You're weak, immoral, and basically half-dead. Ice making is life. Leave it to the machine at your peril.

Seriously, keep ice in your freezer, friends. When I come over, I'm going to want something cool to drink: vodka cranberry, iced tea, water, did I say vodka? Think of the children!!!


Keep it cool.


New beginnings. Even for a blog. I'm sure you're sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see what I have to write about. Trust me. Get up out of that chair, fix yourself a stiff drink, put on a cute shirt, and go dancing, go to Starbucks, go to a bar, hell, go to Walgreen's. Any of those options will undoubtedly be more entertaining.

Before we go any further: I do not drink Coors. Someone handed me the can. I drank it. I'm easy that way. Speaking of easy, I think we need some T.S. Eliot to christen the blog:

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

He's not fashionable, but I like Eliot. Go read him now.

I suppose I should have entitled this blog "Lowered Expectations." I don't want to get anyone's hopes up. I've already asked people what I should write about first. Or "Chronicle of Writer's Block Foretold." That would have been good.

But, iced tea seemed much more central to my life. And sarcasm. Yes I said yes I will yes. (too random? just wait.)

Thanks for your time, your interest, and that wink on the subway.