Analyzing YouTube

The Panopticon is real, and we have happily embraced it in our effort to market and promote ourselves to the world. In the past, an event like this would have been an activity to experience, not necessarily something to record and broadcast. Imagine the things that have been done in fraternities and friends' apartments in the past. Now, imagine all those things online, immediately accessible, permanently viewable. Would our current leaders be so self-righteous? Would they be our leaders? Would we be more forgiving of youth and its foibles? Give us twenty years and we'll find out.

And, I wonder, whose idea was it to film this particular video? I'm voting for the guy on the left. You?


Anonymous said…
Darling that's gayer than a Judith Lieber clutch bag on Tony night! I my day all teenagers had to worry about was if they made the latest edition of the Social Register.
Anonymous said…
Yep - the one on the left is not only enjoying the dancing, but is getting off on being half naked with his bud's.

Dixie said…
Yep, I'm agreeing that it is the one on the left--it looks like he is actually prompting the others on the moves.
Anonymous said…
Never mind the video (which cracked me up, and yeah, CLEARLY the guy on the left is going to be the next Bel Ami director), but my hat is off to you, Todd X. Anyone who knows what a panopticon is, and can work it into a blog entry, well, I'm in awe. Nicely done!

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