An Old Friend Died Recently

Actually, two, but I haven't found the words for the other yet.

Laura Beach née Willis and I knew each other through elementary, junior high, and high school--a lifetime for people of a certain age. As with most people I grew up with, I had lost touch with her, but that doesn't negate the impact of her passing. I told a ridiculous story in her memory last night while having margaritas with Rand and Renee. Imagine Laura and me, junior/senior prom, a fake prom date, meeting up with her real boyfriend whom the parents didn't like, and me getting a phone call from Laura's parents the next morning asking if I knew where she was because she never came home. Ah, Laura. It was fun. And, I love the idea of our prom photos floating around out there somewhere.

I wish her family all the best.


December 9, 2008

Laura Shannon Beach

Laura Shannon Beach of Fair Grove, Mo., passed away Sunday morning, December 7, at Cox South in Springfield at the age of 38. Laura was born February 25, 1970, in Springfield, to Bruce and Claudia Willis. She was married on October 30, 1994, to Tony Beach, and is survived by four children, daughters Tara Beach and Autumn Willis, and sons, Logan and Travis Beach. She is also survived by her parents; a grandmother; a brother; a sister; many aunts and uncles; and numerous nieces and nephews. Visitation will be Tuesday at Northside Christian Church from 7 to 9 p.m. Funeral services will be held Wednesday, at 10 a.m . at Northside Christian Church with burial to follow at Cedar Bluff Cemetery in Fair Grove.


Anonymous said…
Hey Todd,

I remember Laura so well. She and her friend Shannon Kepley would stay after school to get help with Math and we would chat about many subjects. I was her junior high math teacher and I suppose I was your teacher as well. I do remember a Todd in her class with a last name that started with T. Please email me and let me know who you are. I am Mr. Gibbs and I would like to hear from you and any of your classmates. My email is
Rachael said…
I'm sorry for your loss. (Hugs)
Anonymous said…

It was very hard for all of us who went to her visitation/funeral. It made me realize that we aren't young anymore nor are we immortal like we once thought we were. I too found myself looking back on our past, the ups and the downs of it. It was good to see Laura Shaw(Banks). Many of us are around here close and were able to attend. Most of us had watched Laura's battle over the past nine years. Her own ups and downs. She was an amazingly strong person.

It took me sometime the other day to put a full name with your Todd X. The picture does not look like you did in school, nor how I expected you to look today! I hope life is treating you well. Take care. I do think it is time to have a 2nd class reunion.
toddx said…
Thanks, Shannan, and it's good to hear from you. I never know how to take the "you don't look how I expected" comment. I'll be self-centered today and believe that you think I look fabulous for 60!! :)

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