I'm not dead

Just busy with life and Twitter and Facebook and my class and furniture shopping and recruiting for some job. . . You know, the important things. So get off my back, okay! No, I'm not getting upset and I'm NOT being sensitive. I mean just because EVERYONE is against me (oh, it's sooooo obvious) and everyone thinks I'm paranoid about it (but I'm not because it's not paranoia when you KNOW it's true).

Jeez, just give me some room to breathe.

Okay, happy thoughts.


Anonymous said…
Yes, twitter and Facebook can make us dead-ly in almost many things.. :]
JimmyD said…
Recruiting for what kind of job?
I only ask cos I'm looking for one of those!
Darling Todd, I can't believe you're still looking for a chair, if this little project takes any longer you'd better start looking for one with wheels. ;)
toddx said…
Well, two jobs really: a director of technology job and a children's publishing director job. #1 is almost filled, #2 is an ongoing struggle.

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