Alice Waters hates sharks!

Northern California's high priestess of all things foodie had a little misstep in May at the "Food for Thought" forum in Hartford, Connecticut. When asked what her last meal would be, she answered that would have Cecilia Chiang make shark fin soup.

Stop the effing presses! Shark hunting is destroying the planet and the species! How dare Alice Waters ask for something soooo delicious as her last meal on the planet?! How dare she want to consume the tasty broth prior to casting off this mortal coil? Has she no soul!!

I, for one, am appalled and will state unequivocally here and now that I will not consume shark fin soup as my last meal. Instead, I hope to dine on some foie gras stuffed harp seal with a side of poached dodo eggs. Wait a minute. My quick Google search tells me that dodo eggs are out of stock at the moment, sooooooo, let's change that to some veal and a cup of "blue whale" bisque--it's the next big thing. Trust me.

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