San Francisco: The 7th Meanest City in the Universe!

When it comes to the homeless and homelessness in general, SF is one mean place. If you haven't spent much time in San Francisco, then you've probably missed the coordinated and institutionalized attack on homeless people that happens on our streets. In fact, today it's nearly impossible to find a homeless person in SF. They are as endangered as the dodo bird, the blue whale, and the elusive straight Mission hipster. It's war out there, my friends, and the homeless ranks need your help.

Listen up, SF. Be nice. Adopt a homeless person. Lease them your front steps. Give them a quarter. Lend them your deodorant. We're better than this!

Don't be like these heartless yuppies. Let the homeless (the sparingly few, the nearly extinct homeless) sleep wherever they want, defecate at their whim, dig through whatever trash receptacle catches their meth-addled attention, and ask you for change on your way to work. Homelessness is not a crime! Trespassing is not a crime! Public urination is not a crime! Now, get out there and help us get more homeless on the streets of San Francisco. By 2010, I don't want to see an empty park bench in the city.

Cat nap on my driveway from Kris M on Vimeo.


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