My favorite quote about books today

I just read this in a cover letter of all things, but I think it's quite wise:

I also believe if the only way to enjoy photos, illustrations and ideas was via a Kindle and someone came along and said, hey, look at this new mode of delivery! It’s on paper and bound together and you get great color and resolution and you don’t need any power – that person would win the Nobel Prize. I think the key idea in these times to be very careful in planning what sorts of books are ideally suited to print – and consider the design and presentation perks that go along with print that cannot be mimicked in code. I believe both forms have their place for different projects. I also believe that people like the tactile, erotic experience of holding a book – and that this is not going to go away any time soon. --Leslie Roberts

You go, Leslie. I hope a publisher wins the Nobel very soon. Until then, buy a book: for yourself, for a friend, for a stranger.


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