Liveblogging "Trauma" Episode 2

Yes, I'm giving "Trauma" another chance. It's set in SF, so I gotta show some hometown pride. Wish me luck.

Opening: Okay, do they have to send the helicopter to every trauma scene? But, I did love the sleight of hand with the woodchipper. Although, it would have been nice to see the "druggie" get chewed up. This is your lame brother in law on drugs.

9:15: I'm loving the chief hospital guy calling for restraints as they bring the gangbanger in. Racist much?

9:20: An old man is having a heart attack. Send the helicopter!!

9:30: Rabbit's got game. That apple chewing thing is making me hot. Seriously, NBC! This guy is NOT hot. I'm not buying it, but that apple is delicious looking.

9:33: You can take the boy out of Okie but you can't take the lard out of his ass. Good lord, that's a big man. I'm more worried for the car that just ran into him.

9:37: Car crashes into street fair. Send the helicopter!!

9:40: New guy gets read by Rabbit. No moralizing on this show (except that drugs and African-Americans are bad).

9:42: "Mom, it's me. Everything's going to be okay." This episode seems designed to freak out children. Mom's are dropping like flies.

9:43: Noooo!! Max is dead. Blame Rabbit and the lack of available choppers in SF. Dear Mayor Newsom, please buy more helicopters for SF General. Thanks.

9:45: All the EMTs are being mean to the new cute one. That's just not right. If they drive him off the show too soon, I'm done with this whole Trauma enterprise. He's the only eye-candy we've got.

9:51: Newbie is left to clean up the Embarcadero. So sad. Let's get noodles!

9:53: Blondie is the new Julia Roberts--a whore with a heart of gold. She's great with the kids, but who will she sleep with next?

9:55: They can say "dick" on teevee now? Think of the children!!!!!!

9:56: Oh no, Blondie disses Rabbit. I guess she'll be sleeping alone tonight. Miracles never cease, do they, Nancy?

9:58: Rabbit moves in for the kill... no wait, just teaching another newbie the ropes. Sigh. And now he's sticking a tube up his nose?!! I'm gonna vomit. And girlie better put a condom on that nose tube. We all know where Rabbit's been.

10:00: Show's over. Next week, shooter in the building! Call for a copter!!!!


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