Rooting Against America: The New Conservatism

I suggest President Obama and the Democrats, if they really want to win over the Republicans and other conservative factions in America, take a page from the George Costanza play book and "do the opposite." They are going to oppose anything and everything the President and his party does, so they might as well use a little Psych 101 and trick the Neo-Cons into consensus.

* Greenpeace press release: We support Big Oil! Global warming is natural and exaggerated.

* Berkeley city council announces mandatory ROTC training for all high school students.

* Nancy Pelosi votes to slash all social services.

It's going to be a glorious time on Capitol Hill.

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Anonymous said…
he could cure cancer and they would say it was his evil plan to get them to pay taxes longer.
Pilgrim said…
I was just to click you off, when it spang to my mind; Hey wait! Pelosi is democrat, there is s/thing wrong! Propz Pilgrim
toddx said…
Pilgrim, don't click me off!! :)

Sean: you're probably right.

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