No peeking on the beach

I don't know about you, but if I saw this thing on the beach I would be asking myself, "When did they start letting kids on Mykonos?!" But, for the rest of you who are used to families on the beach, have no fear. This is not a case of gigantism meets molestation. It's actually "Little Lost Boy," a sculpture by Australian artist Paul Trefry in Sydney's Sculpture By The Sea exhibition. "Lost Boy" is actually supposed to be a nude, but conservative event organizers decided he needed a swimsuit.

I agree with the event organizers. No nude children, fats or femmes. Thanks to recent legislation, though, Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Jake Gyllenhaal are now required to sunbathe au naturel. I love Congress.

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samuel said…
That baby is freaky! I don't like it.
Happy Halloween - you've creeped me out!
This is one funky piece of (art) work. Beyond the fact that it's a giant baby, look at that face!
HA! What is creepy to me is the sheer joy on that girl's face. ;)

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