Friday, October 30, 2009

No peeking on the beach

I don't know about you, but if I saw this thing on the beach I would be asking myself, "When did they start letting kids on Mykonos?!" But, for the rest of you who are used to families on the beach, have no fear. This is not a case of gigantism meets molestation. It's actually "Little Lost Boy," a sculpture by Australian artist Paul Trefry in Sydney's Sculpture By The Sea exhibition. "Lost Boy" is actually supposed to be a nude, but conservative event organizers decided he needed a swimsuit.

I agree with the event organizers. No nude children, fats or femmes. Thanks to recent legislation, though, Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Jake Gyllenhaal are now required to sunbathe au naturel. I love Congress.

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Anthony Bourdain's new show: Mouthing Off

On Alice Waters: “She’s Pol Pot in a muumuu. I saw her on 60 Minutes. She used six cords of wood to cook one egg for Lesley Stahl.”

I love a flair for the dramatic and I love it when niche celebrities pick on even niche-ier ones (did I just invent "niche-ier"?). To Bourdain's credit, he's probably half right. 3 cords for the egg, and 3 cords to boil the oil (super-premium extra virgin olive oil, of course) that Alice Waters is going to use as a punitive douche for Mr. Bourdain the next time he's in the Bay Area.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's cold enough to need a jumper tonight

Sitting on the roof of the Limón building in the Mission, this man just wanted to get a better view of the sunset. So far, he's still there.


What do you think of the new look?

I was playing around last night and changed IT&S' look a little. What's your opinion? Better, worse, who reads this tripe anyway?

A.N. Whitehead

Friday, October 23, 2009

Until next time, Missouri: Thoughts on home and family

It's late October and I've enjoyed days in the 70s, 60s, 40s, and (I hope for tomorrow) the 50s. Unlike San Francisco, I have had the chance to see wide open spaces and the colors of autumn that we so easily forget in the California coastal bubble. On top of that, I got to spend some relaxing time with my family, including my "new" brother in law and nephews. I'm quite the popular uncle--mainly because I'm mean, I think. Kids love that. Plus, my brother Mark was able to travel here between work and having to spend time with my other nephew who has been sick for such a long time (get well soon, Jake!). We're bad brothers because we couldn't remember how long it had been since we had seen one another. Luckily, ours is an easy relationship. Awkwardness is for those WASPy types who don't hug.

It's always a little bittersweet and depressing visiting Missouri. My life is very different than what is typically lived here. Not better, but different. Dense coastal city vs. suburban/rural middle America. It really doesn't get much different, and I don't think I could live here again. But my family is here. And that's a little sad. Time passes, and I'm missing things. I'll see them at most twice a year. So, I get to dip into the stream rather than enjoy the flow. Thankfully, technology helps. I told them we have to use our webcams much more going forward.

Still, I can't help my dad move things around the house via webcam. I can't pet Sebastian (yes, he's a dog, not the gardener) with my mouse. I can't give my mom and sister a hug when they need one. I'm a little ghost-like in their lives. And that, my friends, is a little sad.

But, life happens. And I love San Francisco and the west coast. So, I hope you can help me convince them to come see me too. I've got a bed and/or sofa they can crash on. I'm a decent host who cleans the sheets and offers a nice glass of wine with dinner. And SF is quite a place to play tourist.

Until next spring, Show Me State. Have a great (mild) winter and take care of my family for me.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cement Tagging on SFist reminds me of another blog

Check out "Concrete Diaries" at

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Fail Whale in Mendocino

It's sad for me to joke about this in the title, but I can rarely help myself. I'm always amazed at the enormity of these creatures. In fact, I was just talking to my dad about blue whales today. Despite their delicious blubber and lack of interest in "The Biggest Loser," I still think we should protect them. They are our cousins after all (and should REALLY check out "Biggest Loser." Jillian could help them shed a few pounds.)

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Farm-opoly: A Game for all ages

I noticed this on Wednesday at Race Brothers in Springfield, MO and had to share it with you. Apparently, the point of the game is to buy up all the local farms and/or force them to grow only genetically- modified crops. The game is a Parker Bros/Monsanto joint venture.

Alas, I fought the corporate farm, but they gave my piggies the flu. Then my family caught it and I had to harvest my irradiated tomacco all by myself. Farming is hard work.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pour some sugar on me, Wal-Mart

It's truly pornographic how much sugar they have for sale here. Missouri, show me your blood glucose levels.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Spirit of 2003: Missouri first impressions

Yes, there's a biplane in the Springfield airport. Please note the religious symbol on the tail. Welcome to the bible belt.

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Show Me 2009: Liveblogging my way to Missouri

Friday, October 16, 2009

What Do You Get at Indie Bookstores? You Get Phil

What Do You Get at Indie Bookstores? 'You Get Phil"

The following is an editorial by James McGrath Morris in this month's edition of the Biographer's Craft. McGrath's Pulitzer: A Life in Politics, Print, & Power will be published early next year.

You will have a choice when it comes to buying my new book when it comes out in February. Amazon will sell it to you for $19.79, or you can wander down to your local bookstore and pay $29.99. That 34% price difference is on my mind every time I visit Collected Works, Santa Fe's oldest locally owned independent bookstore and one of the nation's finest bookstores, along with Elliott Bay, Tattered Cover, and Politics & Prose, among others.

What is it we get when we pay full price at an independent bookstore? In the case of Collected Works, the answer is simple: You get Phil.

I'm a nonfiction guy. I spend my days reading and writing the stuff. So when I wander into the fiction section of the store, I'm as lost as a Thunderbird drinker looking at a rack of chardonnays. This is where Phil comes in.

Like a wine steward, he learns of my tastes and guides me to a selection. So far, he is batting 98%. (I wasn't wild about Olive Kitteridge.) When I take into account his services, I think paying full retail price is worth it. Apparently there is a sport profession where batting 30% will earn you millions. Phil's salary seems a small price to pay for what he does. In the scheme of things, it's seems far more socially valuable than hitting a leather-bound ball with a wooden stick.

Paying full price also keeps one of my town's important cultural centers alive. On almost any night, one can find a crowd gathered at Collected Works for an author's reading, a fundraiser, or a community gathering of some sort. Readers meet writers. Writers meet writers. Poets find readers. Readers find poetry. Without such a place, our community would be impoverished.

Yes, I get a little preachy when it comes to the topic of independent bookstores. But, as a friend of mine who recently heard my tirade said to me, "Zealotry in defense of independent bookstores is no sin."

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day: Iced Tea and Sarcasm tackles climate change

I don't recycle. There, it's out, I've admitted it. Step one, done.

Now, if you know me, this comes as no big surprise. I'm skeptical about recycling and irritated by a) its inconvenience b) the aura of moral superiority surrounding those who recycle c) the space required by a separate recycling bin in my apartment and d) anything mandated by the SF Board of Supervisors.

Despite this truth, I'm a fervent environmentalist (with a dash of fatalism thrown in for good measure). I wholeheartedly believe that the ecosystem is more important than we are. More important than our SUVs or hairspray or toxic trash heaps or giant screen teevees. Like the Lorax, I too will speak for the trees if given the inclination and opportunity. I believe that if human beings were to disappear tomorrow, the earth would continue on just fine without us--better even.

So, I'm concerned, albeit reluctantly, when I see reports that the Greenland ice sheet is melting away and may slip off into the ocean and flood those of us who live on the coasts. Or, I get choked up when Noah Wiley tugs at my heart strings with videos of polar bears swimming for their lives because the ice is gone. And how should I react the rapidly disappearing glacier on Mt. Kilimanjaro?

Why do I care? If I'm such a sarcastic fatalist, shouldn't I be riding my own melt and making snarky comments as the world slowly drowns?

Normally, I would say yes. Let's face it: Man may be a failed experiment. For all I know, it's time to turn the planet over to the planaria or cacti. All hail our prickly overlords!!

But, and I'm being serious here, what concerns me most is that THE ICE IS MELTING!! Did you read the title of this blog when you came here? It's ICED tea and sarcasm. Seriously, what would I be sans ice? Some stuffy Brit sipping his Earl Grey, eating a crumpet and dishing on the world and its foibles? Who wants to read that? And the impact on Southern culture would be impossible to measure. Without iced tea, all communication and family units would simply break down. Offering a glass of iced tea is an overture to fellowship, collaboration, and common respect. Do we really want to destroy all that?!

So, my friends and readers, I beg you. Save the ice and save the planet. Turn off your air conditioning, get out of your cars and walk, turn off the lights, quit buying crap you don't need, and live more simply. The ice will thank you. The tea will thank you. And I will thank you.



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SF to MO: A Liveblogging Event on Monday, Oct. 19

I will be liveblogging my journey to Missouri next Monday, Oct. 19. I hope you can join me as I fly--ALL DAY LONG--from SFO to the Show Me State.

We are small on this planet

When I see nature photos like this, I think of two things:

1. The Lorax. He speaks for the trees!

2. Despite our virus-like impact on the planet, we are but one small species among many.

These trees were here before we were. This world belongs to them more than us. Maybe it's time we rethink our place in the world before the world does it for us.

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Pescadero Beach

Rand and I went on a drive down the California One a couple weeks ago. One stop was Pescadero Beach. It's wild and beautiful, and I whipped out my Flip camera to record the goings-on. Here is the result.

A Journey on the California One: Pescadero Beach from Todd X. on Vimeo.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Liveblogging "Trauma" Episode 3

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Taylor Lautner demonstrates his signature position for Falcon Video

Um? February 11, 2010 can't get here soon enough. The feelings of shame are getting to be too much to bear.

Seriously, this boy is cuteness on two legs. I hope his new movie doesn't suck as much as the first one.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Being Boring or "Saturday with Todd"

It's true. I'm being very boring today, but I'm loving it. I'm catching up with some reading--online and offline. I have watched some bad television (I may be addicted to "Vampire Diaries" now) and plan to catch up with my DVR even more tonight. And my Twitter feed won't write itself. Who needs the outside world?

The thought of being boring and a recent status update from a friend (shout out to Arlene) made me think of this Pet Shop Boys song. So, I found the video and offer it for your viewing pleasure. Besides being a good song, it's a video filled with people too beautiful to truly exist.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Don't mess with Tsunami!

Thanks to the FBI (yikes!) for this crazy footage of the tsunami striking American Samoa.

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Rooting Against America: The New Conservatism

I suggest President Obama and the Democrats, if they really want to win over the Republicans and other conservative factions in America, take a page from the George Costanza play book and "do the opposite." They are going to oppose anything and everything the President and his party does, so they might as well use a little Psych 101 and trick the Neo-Cons into consensus.

* Greenpeace press release: We support Big Oil! Global warming is natural and exaggerated.

* Berkeley city council announces mandatory ROTC training for all high school students.

* Nancy Pelosi votes to slash all social services.

It's going to be a glorious time on Capitol Hill.

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10 things you need to stop tweeting about

This is an instant classic for the Twitterverse. Yes, we all do these things. And, no I don't want you to stop. Otherwise, what will I make fun of?

But, let's modify our Twitter diarrhea a bit. Share something outside the sphere of your ego every once in a while. Ask yourself: will anyone but me find at least one of my tweets today interesting? If the answer is no, then at the very least, just re-tweet something from my stream. I NEVER post anything uninteresting.

Don't stop Tweetin' about tomorrow. . .

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Reead's Room - New York 2009

Even if you hate his music, you're bound to like his recent photos. But, I think you might even like his music.

Oh, and I think more musicians should post shots like this. Do you hear that, Tony Bennett?? We're waiting. . . .

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When I think Burger King, I think "upscale" and "classy"

And their upcoming overhaul of 12,000 "restaurants" will put the cherry on top of that upscale sundae.

I don't know about you, but I have the vision of "rotating red flame chandeliers" dancing in my head right now. I can't wait.

It's Gay to Smoke

Oh, I love the Onion and their no-holds barred approach to the news and social issues. It's completely un-PC and will undoubtedly irritate people with no sense of humor or irony, but I laughed out loud.

New Anti-Smoking Ads Warn Teens 'It's Gay To Smoke'

Ralph Lauren models are just naturally thin

RL models are naturally thin. . . in an alternate universe, that is -- a universe governed by Photoshop and distorted views of the female body. When I see this photo-disaster, I think of the aliens that emerged from the spaceship in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." They were all pale with gangly arms and legs. You know, like the women exiting the bars in Manhattan.

This chick takes the cake, though. Then she eats it, barfs, and gargles with Listerine. I'm grossed out by looking at her enormous head. And those jeans!! But, I'm not here to judge her fashion sense, just the evil corporate vision that compelled a photographer, a model, a modeling agency, and some poor production artist to squish and pinch and mutilate her body all for the glory of RL Blue Label.

Keep your ponies, Ralph. We don't need them. Better yet, shoot the horses, have a BBQ and feed your dying models.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Why Can't Everything Be Caffeinated? SF Weekly Chooses the Top 5 Things That Actually Shouldn't Be

When it comes to the Cult of Caffeine, I'm basically the Lord Xenu of my church. Imagine my delight when I noticed this story. Still, even I have my limits.

I'm selecting caffeinated lip balm as the oddest thing on their list. This isn't to say that I don't want some--right NOW! But, since one doesn't actually eat lip balm (except for my 4th grade friend Charlie, shout out!), I don't think it fits in with the other items: cookies, water, bloody mary mix, and sunflower seeds.

Now I'm off to visit my local Walgreens to see if they carry this lip balm. If not, I'll just have to break into Starbucks and snort some Arabica. Sleep tight!

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Liveblogging "Trauma" Episode 2

Yes, I'm giving "Trauma" another chance. It's set in SF, so I gotta show some hometown pride. Wish me luck.

Opening: Okay, do they have to send the helicopter to every trauma scene? But, I did love the sleight of hand with the woodchipper. Although, it would have been nice to see the "druggie" get chewed up. This is your lame brother in law on drugs.

9:15: I'm loving the chief hospital guy calling for restraints as they bring the gangbanger in. Racist much?

9:20: An old man is having a heart attack. Send the helicopter!!

9:30: Rabbit's got game. That apple chewing thing is making me hot. Seriously, NBC! This guy is NOT hot. I'm not buying it, but that apple is delicious looking.

9:33: You can take the boy out of Okie but you can't take the lard out of his ass. Good lord, that's a big man. I'm more worried for the car that just ran into him.

9:37: Car crashes into street fair. Send the helicopter!!

9:40: New guy gets read by Rabbit. No moralizing on this show (except that drugs and African-Americans are bad).

9:42: "Mom, it's me. Everything's going to be okay." This episode seems designed to freak out children. Mom's are dropping like flies.

9:43: Noooo!! Max is dead. Blame Rabbit and the lack of available choppers in SF. Dear Mayor Newsom, please buy more helicopters for SF General. Thanks.

9:45: All the EMTs are being mean to the new cute one. That's just not right. If they drive him off the show too soon, I'm done with this whole Trauma enterprise. He's the only eye-candy we've got.

9:51: Newbie is left to clean up the Embarcadero. So sad. Let's get noodles!

9:53: Blondie is the new Julia Roberts--a whore with a heart of gold. She's great with the kids, but who will she sleep with next?

9:55: They can say "dick" on teevee now? Think of the children!!!!!!

9:56: Oh no, Blondie disses Rabbit. I guess she'll be sleeping alone tonight. Miracles never cease, do they, Nancy?

9:58: Rabbit moves in for the kill... no wait, just teaching another newbie the ropes. Sigh. And now he's sticking a tube up his nose?!! I'm gonna vomit. And girlie better put a condom on that nose tube. We all know where Rabbit's been.

10:00: Show's over. Next week, shooter in the building! Call for a copter!!!!

Controversy! Water polo team + car wash = Speedo Sinfest

There's an odd kerfuffle brewing Northgate High School. You see, a group of boys from the school's water polo team decided to host a car wash to raise some money. It sounds innocent enough, but you're forgetting the "sin" factor. You see, these young men had the audacity (and marketing genius) to conduct the car wash while wearing their regulation uniforms, i.e., Speedos. (Now do you see the "sin" factor"?)

Despite the fact that this technique is common among girls and women doing the same thing, the patriarchy is not amused when people of any gender seek to undermine the tools of its domination. Men do the gazing; they are not gazed upon. This must not be tolerated. Delicate creatures these men, no?

Or do people just hate water polo? Perhaps I'm reading too much into this.

Nevertheless, I'm going to assume that water polo warms the cockles of Walnut Creek and these guys just needed to raise a little dough to buy a new water polo ball or net or something. I'm also of the opinion that you might as well show it off before you're old and ugly and no one wants to touch you. And, yes, sex sells. But, it's only our prudish position toward the human body that immediately makes us think about sex when we see a little skin. These guys swim and play in their Speedos all the time. People watch them by the hundreds (dozens?) and I don't think security has to hold back throngs of would-be rapists.

Here's the deal: they thought it was cool and funny and a little sexy. And I hope it worked for them. Next time, have a car wash at 18th and Castro, boys, and the response will be overwhelmingly positive.

Friday, October 2, 2009


I've never heard of nor seen this magazine, but I'm intrigued by their bold (by American standards) editorial choices. We see female nudes all the time in both men's and women's magazines, but how often do we see male nudes. And why not? Ah, yes. That whole patriarchy thing.

Of course, this is a German magazine. America is in dire need of a European sensibility. Until then, thank the internet for helping spread their sick socialist and immoral propaganda.

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You are being shagged by a rare parrot

How many times have you heard that on a Friday night?