Varla Jean Merman and friends

Tonight was a great night out. We started with a pre-show drink at Cantina. Then, we were lucky enough to have tickets to see Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads in the Rrazz Room at the Hotel Nikko in SF tonight. I went with a group of friends and the show was great. Imagine Schoolhouse Rock meets Electric Company meets Peewee's Playhouse meets mescaline-tinged psychadelic trip. In short, it was loads of fun. Get tickets while you can.

After the show, R and I wanted to grab some food, so we went to Fish & Farm. We had a burger and the salmon (both were quite tasty) and we had the cheesecake in a jar for dessert. I've decided that I want to be buried in a cheesecake jar after I'm cremated. And don't skimp on the butter crumble!

P.S. Who has the bigger rack? Varla or Beth on the right?

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