Seattle Glee Flash Mob

from Joe.My.God

I've been away from Seattle too long. Look what's happened. The gays have taken over Westlake Plaza and forced all of downtown Seattle to participate in their sick Glee-fest. Doesn't this look like fun? I know, I know: Flash mobs are so over. But I still love them. Give me public art and passion any day.

Now, who's looking forward to the Madonna-themed Glee next week? Moisture!!


Matt said…
We might be doing something similar sometime around Pride this year ... maybe. Ya didn't hear it from me. Come back to Seattle sometime around then! ;)
toddx said…
That sounds good. I love Seattle in the summertime.
Rachael said…
That is the best flash mob ever.

Also, the day I FINALLY get to see something like this in person? My heart will explode with joy.

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