My Santa Cruz Weekend As A List

Slept in a little on Friday
Did some work
Went to work
Doughnuts and coffee from Dynamo
On the road
Pacifica Taco Bell
Stopped a runaway beach ball
Grilled Stuft Chicken Burrito
Highway 1
Arrival in Santa Cruz

West Cliff, Santa Cruz, CA

Unloaded the car
Said hello to the place we stayed in 2008
Loving West Cliff
Found site for future home

The site of my future home

Put on my walking shoes
Explored West Cliff
Sun on my face
Traded shorts for pants
Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Time for beer #1: Amber

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing

Beer #2: Witches' Wit
Bonny Doon Tasting Room
Tastings are done for the day
Back to the house
Reservations at Soif
Changed clothes again
Walking, walking, walking

Santa Cruz 2010

2.4 miles to Soif
8 PM reservations turn into 8:45 PM
Thankful for the wine shop
Vermentino is oddly salty, minerally, good
Seated, menus, another glass of wine
Beef cheek ravioli desire
No more beef cheeks
Again, sadness
Crab cakes, lamb meatballs, Brussels sprouts, potato wedges and pork chop
Nebbiolo apotheosis

Santa Cruz 2010

Exploring Santa Cruz at night
Cookies for $1 each
Walking back
No taxi

Santa Cruz 2010

New day
Kelly's French Bakery
Scone, poached eggs, sourdough toast, coffee
Still no rain
More walking
Book Shop Santa Cruz

Les Fleurs

Boardwalk and roller coasters
Super burrito de la Hacienda
Text from friends
More walking

Super 8

More cookies
Finally, a bus!

Santa Cruz 2010

Meet up with friends at Soif
Recognized by waiter and hostess
Glass of wine purchased for me by Rosie and Kathy
Friends for life
Leave to meet up with other friends
Watch them eat
Two margaritas
Pizza, street fight, end of night, race tomorrow

Santa Cruz Marathoners

Cold, rain, wind
Early morning to see runners
Quick visit to Kelly's for breakfast
Back to see runners on the return
Hurricane-proof umbrella defeating the wind
Packing up
Lunch with all the friends
Tasting at Bonny Doon

Rand at Bonny Doon

Surprise food tasting from the manager
Amazing pizza that I want to be buried with
Two bottles to go
A vintage of memories
Leaving the rain behind in Santa Cruz
Back in the city
Dinner at Suppenkuche
Time to rest, purge, and bask in the 3-day glow

Santa Cruz Lighthouse


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