Corn Dog Rollers? 2 for only $2?!!

Where are these and how can I get one? Corn dogs are a guilty pleasure. There, I admitted it. Stone me.


mkf said…
7-11, but be warned--they're a cruel hoax.

yeah, i was excited too--saw the sign, felt my heart start to race, dashed inside, ordered two...

it wasn't until after i'd slathered the first one in ketchup and mustard and stuffed it into my face sideways that i found to my utter dismay that the wrapping is pasty, puffy and bland, with nary a hint of goddam corn.

sorry to burst your bubble this way, but if i've spared you even a fraction of the devastation i experienced, then count yourself lucky.
toddx said…
mkf, I appreciate that you're looking out for me. I could use a guardian angel every now and then.

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