I've seen the light. The Venti pales. Twenty ounces is an insult. I need 31 ounces of the Water of Life. The Trenta was made for iced tea.


Disclaimer: this posting was lost in the ether and I just rediscovered it. I first tasted Trenta while in Massachusetts in October 2010. I will always think of autumn on the east coast when I order a Trenta. Or when I have stomach surgery to correct my distended stomach.


Amy said…
Ha! Yeah, the Trenta is a beast. I wish they'd serve hot beverages in Trenta size, too. (Yes, I did capitalize Trenta. It deserves no less respect.)

Have you had XINGtea? It's no Trenta, but at 23.5oz per can I'm sure it could at least put a dent in your iced tea thirst (and won't require surgery after).
toddx said…
I'm sure if you brought a 30 oz mug into the cafe, they'd fill it for you. Trenta DIY!

Love the capitalization btw.

And, no, I haven't tried this XINGtea. I'm more of a fresh-made tea person, but I'll check it out -- and perhaps blog about it? :)

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