Keep back 1000 feet! My new religion


Vacation is a time to reflect on life and its meaning. It affords you the luxury of contemplation. Some times, it provides opportunities to stumble across signposts that impart a wisdom to you that you lacked. I had such a life experience today. While visiting Lake Shasta and walking along its dam, I discovered this sign. It's 10 foot letters spoke to me, whispering their ageless knowledge to me: KEEP BACK 1000 FEET.

The scales dropped from my eyes. I was fully awake for the first time. These words ignited a fire of intelligence within me. Yes, I thought, keep back. 1000 feet. It made so much sense and could work in so many situations. Panhandlers? KEEP BACK 1000 FEET!

The people who collect money in red pails during Christmas? KEEP BACK 1000 FEET!

Douchebags at a bar wearing Drakkar Noir and gel in their hair? KEEP BACK 1000 FEET!

An all-you-can-eat buffet in Ohio? KEEP BACK 1000 FEET!

I think you're beginning to sense the power of this phrase. So, I pass it along to all of you. Use it well. Suggest new uses. Share stories of your successes. Shanti shanti shanti.

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Anonymous said…
Do you have to move further back or closer than 1000 feet if you are in a mirror.

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