My trip to Portland in one photo

I spent the long 4th of July weekend in Portland and had a great time visiting my friends Renee and Yasu and hanging out with the bf and my friends Michael and David. With temps in the 80s, David's biscuits, and plenty of whiskey and ginger ale, I was essentially in heaven.

But, to get a sense of what Portland does to a person, I need you to look at this photo. I, a normally sweater-clad San Franciscan, went crazy with the "OMG it's warm and the sun is shining and I can wear SHORTS!!" look. I was positively sporty. So much so that I felt empowered to roll this giant stone sphere on the Nike campus. I'm pretty sure I was here for 2-3 hours just rolling and rolling. "I'm outdoorsy now," I thought. "Look at me playing with rocks and water!!"

Then, of course, I got in the car, drove 12 hours, and returned to the morally superior temperatures of San Francisco. I donned my hoodie and watched the memory of a warmer Portland fade into the fog. At least I have this photo...


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