Christianity vs. Everyone Else

Dear readers,

Are you feeling the love? Because I'm not. If this is honestly how Christians see the world (or at least California), then how do we even begin to find common ground? Should we even try?

Militant Homosexual Californian Atheist member of the ACLU (aka their living nightmare).

P.S. Does anyone else think the gay guy's hand is a "little" too close to Christ's special place?


Anonymous said…
What's with the monkey?

What'd he do wrong? Sheesh.
toddx said…
Must the monkeys pay for our sins?!
Unknown said…
I think the monkey is supposed to represent the teaching of evolution in schools. I also do agree that the hand of the militant homosexual is a bit too close, but I think that's by design. My personal favorite is the sorcerer. They didn't make her nearly scary enough. She looks like the female version of the sorcerer from the Sorcerer's Apprentice. For that matter, no one is really all that scary looking.
Dixie said…
(1) As a Christian I am offended by this picture too. So not all Christians see the world or California this way. and (2) What do you think the dog behind the militant homosexual means? Do you think they hate dogs too. Are bigotted ignorant people cat people? I can't say I'm surprised.
toddx said…
Dixie, you're easily my favorite Christian. I should have said militant, evangelical Christians.

And I'm sure the dog has something to do with bestiality. You know, that thing we all do on the weekends to spite the religious folk.

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