Protect the purity of iced tea!


I'm not one to turn down iced tea nor alcohol, but I'm not sure I can support this unholy miscegenation. Light beer + iced tea?!!

Coors, I drank you in Hawaii for some reason, but I cannot abide your attempt to pollute my tea. Beer is good. Iced tea is life. But, you gotta keep 'em separated.



Anonymous said…
We all know you'll try it.
So what happens if you like it? or better yet, love it?
toddx said…
Of course you're right. Wish my liver luck!
Anonymous said…
Oh thank god you're here Sean.

Your name is my name too.

I was feeling lonely in the comments section.

And I wish they sold this in the liquor store around the corner from my house.

I would forever be in a tan haze of light beer soaked in tea bags.

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