Why is there high fructose corn syrup in the tomatoes?! Or why I bought Pomi.


All I wanted/needed were tomatoes for my faux cassoulet. Finding canned wolf apples sans unnecessary ingredients is harder than one might imagine. Are you reading the ingredient labels on your canned goods? Do it. Prepare to be shocked.

I, luckily, was able to go to the organic/natural food section of Safeway and found canned tomatoes without the weird additives. I hope you're as fortunate. If not, please request it from your local supermarket.

Thank you, Pomi, for offering us tomatoes plain and simple. My cassoulet turned out just fine. And my pancreas thanks you.


Bob said…
It's scary, some of the crap they put in stuff.
Canned tomatoes should be.Canned.Tomatoes.

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