100th Posting. . .

And, boy, is it boring!!!!

:) Thanks for reading.

Now, let's celebrate!

Full House makes me drink


Darling Todd, how wonderful, congratulations, I'm just thrilled for you and it's not boring in the least, you're way too hard on yourself and need a good SLAP!

I'll crack open a good bottle of champagne, Pomery 1908 and drink to your health.

Don't celebrate too much dear, I have visions of you running down Lombard St in sling backs, falling, breaking a hip, loosing your memory and winding up in a Barbary Coast flop house thinking you're Magda Lupescu.
toddx said…
The prescience of your post is frightening. Am I in Rio? Where's Carol? I'm the Royal Mistress, damn it!
Darling I swear on the grave of Peg Entwistle, you're the only one who knows what I'm talking about. ;)

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