On the Emmy® Awards

1. No more Emmy® Awards in the round. It was ridiculous with a side of ridiculous.

2. Next year, let Robert Duvall host. He obviously wanted more airtime.

3. Ryan, dear, we all know. It's not a joke. It's not funny. Come out.

4. Sopranos, Shmapranos. We're over it.

5. Thanks to the Fox Network for ushering in the new era of TV censorship. Cut to the Globe!!!

6. Ellen and Elaine's ad libs were the best parts of the show.

7. Kanye, you deserve to lose. You can't sing.

8. Tony Bennett wins!!

9. Where was Britney?

10. Tune in next year on the Cowboy Network.

Honorable Mention: For "Weirdest Juxtaposition on an Award Show," the Emmy® Award goes to the Jersey Boys' tribute to the Sopranos!!!!


Darling I so agree with you about the show, I hated the round thing as well, it's impossible to make an entrance in a circle and rising from the floor does not count unless you're Esther Williams and it's a swiming pool.

I've never seen Seacrest in action before, I'm proud to say I've never seen American Idol, so I was curious to see his act, well honey, can that man be more Gay, every time opened his mouth a purse fell out and nothing run of the mill either, a full blown Judith Lieber rhinestone clutch!

I adore Tony Bennet, I was glad to see him win but then he's Old School class so I wasn't suprised.

"Stritchie" was the best, personally I don't know why they didn't let her host then it would have been a fun show.

I was a tad dissappointed that Ugly Betty didn't win more but I'm glad that America did.

I really miss the old days when no one had stylists and picked out their clothes themselves at least then we where sure of a fun evening, although there was one blonde thing in a huge gold dress that made her look like a toilet paper doll.

I hope Ellen gets the show next year or they exume Johnny Carson for the job! ***

*** Britney who ???

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