Review: Blue Plate

I had dinner here last night with Rand, Blake and our soon to be leaving for NYC friend, Dave. Boooo, Dave! For our last little outing, we chose to have dinner at Blue Plate. We had reservations at 9pm for the garden and were seated shortly after that.

Here's where I say, if you haven't sat in the garden, I highly recommend it. Although the tables are small, the atmosphere is worth it. There are maybe six tables in the whole space--much less crowded and noisy than the other dining rooms. Plus, there are heat lamps, so now you have no reason not to eat here.

We started with the little gems salad that had peaches and chunks of blue cheese, some nut I've since forgotten and some radish slices. It was simple enough and tasty. For my entree, I chose the pork shoulder with citrus polenta, brown turkey figs and prosciutto. Rand got the chicken with a side of mac and goat cheese for us to share. Dave ordered a pasta dish and Blake had the meatloaf. The also had the soup which tasted autumnal with a hint of nutmeg.

I can't speak for the other dishes because I stuck to mine and the mac and cheese. My pork fell apart at the slightest touch and was really delicious. I feel like I've been eating a lot of pork lately and have been pleasantly surprised every time. Pork is the new black, my friends. The polenta, on the other hand, didn't work for me. On it's own the hint of citrus was too much. When mixed together in the perfect bite of pork, fig, prosciutto and polenta, it worked better. Frankly, I would have preferred potatoes. Gasp!

The mac and goat cheese was also good with its crunchy topping. The goat cheese was rich and the side can easily be shared by two people. We actually let Blake and Dave try some, too.

Oh, and the bread! It was straight out of the oven, hot, buttery and crunchy in just the right way. It was nearly a religious experience for me.

For dessert, we all shared a fig and strawberry. I really don't remember what it was. It was good but didn't blow my mind.

All in all, a really good dining experience with a friendly staff and great food. Add the outdoor seating and you've got a stellar combo.


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