My Trip to Seattle: A Photolog

Here's a little slideshow of some photos from my Labor Day trip to Seattle. As I said earlier, I had a great time. If Seattle were like it was on my visit all the time, I'd move back in a heartbeat. I'm so glad I went. Enjoy!


Darling I'm sorry, you are NOT the picture hat type! Try something with a nose veil or perhaps a snood.

And as for the grey, you do it beautifully, Anderson Cooper can eat her heart out!
toddx said…

As for the grey, thanks. One more haircut should get the rest of the brown out, I fear. Adieu, youth.
Yes dear, that picture of you with the striped bonnet, I just assumed you where in a milliners shop contemplating a purchace.

Youth, piss in that "youth is wasted on the young", just you wait and see, they'll be lining up simply begging for your favors!
Unknown said…
I'm jealous! This made me miss Seattle. What a great city. :-(

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