But I Want It


I'm patiently waiting for the 3G iPhone. Please note that I have a looser definition for "patient" than most people. If you, too, are interested, I found this interesting tidbit about iPhones in Europe. It may hint at a timeframe for the release of the 3G model:

Right now, the supply/demand balance is off in the other direction in Europe: the supply has exceeded demand, enough that T-Mobile is now offering €99 subsidized iPhones in Germany to entice customers to buy in. The catch: you have to sign up for a 24-month contract—quite a long time to be bound to the current-generation iPhone, right?—and the deal expires June 30, the day after iPhone’s first anniversary. Coincidence? Just wait and see. --By Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge

If you see me outside the Apple store on July 1, say howdy.


I guess boys must have their toys.

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