Contrarian Mondays with Todd X: Laptops on the Subway

metro laptop

You know who you are. Your space and your time is more valuable than ours. Work never ends. You have chosen to extend your workspace into our public space. You feel the need to be online all the time. You need people to see that you have a laptop, what you're working on, and how ambitious you are. Or your thighs are cold.

I'm here to tell you that the subway is an inappropriate place for you to create your latest PowerPoint presentation for your boss. It's crowded. It may be hot. And I'm sure that I don't need your elbows in my space as you're manipulating pixels or entering sales data into your spreadsheets.

So, for the 30 minutes I'm on the train, please refrain from whipping it out, okay? Thanks.


Todd darling when I'm riding the Subway that's not what I want to see whipped out!
toddx said…
So true. What a missed opportunity for this young man. ;-)
Anonymous said…
As someone who work used to work a 100 hours a week, I had to learn to utilize all my down time so that I could have a little life outside of work. It also beats crotch watching which can be dangerous to your health.
toddx said…
100 hours a week? Are you sure there are that many hours in a week? After sleep, my daily massage, trips to the stem cell parlor, and my martini breaks, I'm convinced I only have a good 10-12 hours per week that I can, in all good conscience, give to my workplace.
Unknown said…
Are you even figuring in your time burning flags, supporting terrorism, and cackling evilly?
toddx said…
My god, Kevin, you're right!! Let's say I have 5 hours of free work time. It's not easy being me.

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