Jay Brannan at The Bottom of the Hill

Jay Brannan

I saw Jay tonight with Rand, Brian and not Clark. It was good. He
totally wanted me. It was so obvious--embarassing really. The audience
was decent except for one particular loud-mouthed woman and the people
near the bar who wouldn't shut up while Jay was singing. I hope he
doesn't tell Vancouver we were terrible. :(

Thanks for coming to SF, Jay. And eat something. You look too thin!


Anonymous said…
Darling Todd, I'm pretty sure that the better part of San Francisco "wants" you after all dear it's rare to see a Greek statue come to life. ;)
toddx said…
Greek statue: buried under a thousand years of volcanic ash with a nose and a couple limbs broken off. What a pretty sight! ;-)
Anonymous said…
You are too beautiful
for one man alone
one lucky fool to be with
when there are other men
with eyes of their own
to see with.

If on the other hand
I'm faithful to you
it's not from a sense of duty
you are too beautiful
and I am a fool
for beauty.

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