My response to casual discrimination

My fellow blogger Matt at Debriefing the Boys had a shocking email sent to him recently by a so-called friend:

Hi Matt,

I also want to thank you for your impassioned e-mail. We should chat soon, but I have been wanting to send you a note to let you know that I voted Yes on Prop 8 to protect the sanctity of marriage. This is nothing against you my friend, but something that I thought and prayed long and hard about over the past week. I'll be interested to discuss further with you when you have the time.

Any new news on your end? Congrats on Obama's big win! Exciting times for the United States.

Looking forward to seeing you over the holidays.

Your Friend,


Matt is torn up over this, and I fully understand. His friend's email is outrageous and demands outrage as a response.

So, I wrote:


I think his email was shockingly dismissive--much like the easy way in which over half of Californians voted to ELIMINATE rights from fellow citizens. Casual discrimination is, perhaps, more vile than the outright hatred we see from evangelicals and blatant bigots. He is complicit in this crime. And, yes, it is a crime: a crime against the fundamentals of our state constitution and a crime against the larger belief that all of us are equal.

Tell him his email was unacceptable. Tell him he has hurt you and thousands like you. Tell him he will be judged poorly by history. Then say goodbye.

We shall not suffer discrimination.

I hope he takes my advice.


Rachael said…
I can't believe that someone actually sent that note to your friend. First off, even if you wanted to have that discussion, how inappropriate to casually mention it in an e-mail. I just can't imagine telling someone who is my friend that I made a choice to take a right away from them.

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