My latest fear: The Brinicle of death, or "I will survive" (Starfish Remix)

Watch as the sea and cold claim the lives of the poor starfish. Now, as I'm walking around the city, I intend to look up and check for brinicles. Oh, I know you're saying, "But Todd, we don't live underwater. There's no such thing as brinicles on dry land." Look, don't you think these starfish thought the same thing. Air. Water. It's all the same thing when you're living in it day after day. Then, when you least expect it, BAM! Here comes a brinicle to encase you in ice. Oh, it can happen, but it won't be me. I'll be the spry little starfish scrambling over the frozen corpses of the ones who kept saying, "Stupid Starfish X., the sky's not falling!" So there.

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