O Christmas Tree, O Christmas T(r)ea: Caffeinated Holiday Decorations


I think this may be my most inspired Christmas decorating feat ever. Now, if you know me and know my feelings about the holidays, you know that it wouldn't take much to best any of my previous non-efforts. This Christmas is different.

Last year, my mom got this iced tea ornament (seen at the top of the tree--who needs angels when there's caffeine?). But, I didn't have a tree last year, so it sat in its box unused. This year, though, the bf and I got a tree and the first and, for a week, only ornament was the aforementioned iced tea bobble. Last night, I was struck with inspiration and today I completed my Xmas T(r)ea masterpiece. I combined red ball ornaments, white lights, and a variety of tea bags to form the ultimate Yule Totem to Iced Tea. Baby Jesus and his father Santa will be so proud. I'm assured of LOTS of presents now.

Merry Todd Xmas!

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Nubian said…
Love. Great idea! Going to have a mini bottle tree next year!

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