Toxic Lulu: You can't look away

A million and one thanks to my Twitter pal @NubianOR who brought this to my attention. I am in awe. Shock and awe. Horror and shivers. I'm having a stroke for Toxic Lulu. Art will never be the same for me again. Just give up, you wannabe artistes.


Nubian said…
I admire her chutzpah, but it just looks like such an effort. I know from whence I speak as I am not far from the same weight with regards to Ms. Lulu. You can't look away. I need a pole, well after I have finished this bottle of Barbera.
Mind Of Mine said…
I am conflicted here, a part of me thinks she has great set balls for doing this and despite her size, she was able to do a couple of things on the pole which were ok.

But then I think why, why would you subject yourself to ridicule. I guess that is pretty shallow of me.
toddx said…
I have to agree with you both. The lady's got chutzpah.
mkf said…
you're right, this was eye-opening. i woulda never thought i could be moved to feel such compassion.

for an inanimate brass object.

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