Hit and Run?

Last night, Rand and I went to a wine and cheese holiday party at Sean and Blake's apartment. We had plenty of wine, pounds of cheese, and desserts to snack on. In short, I'm fat now. :)

Around 10 PM we all heard a crash/bang sound. Blake dismissed it as one of the many accidents that happen on Lincoln street. Little did we know. . .

When we left the party and walked out to Rand's car, this is what we found:

Rand's Car #1

Rand's Car #2

On the windshield was a note from the police that Rand's car had been hit by a drunk driver. They left him the case number and a phone number to call (a department that's closed until Monday by the way). Needless to say, as you can probably see from the pics, the car wasn't in great shape. The rear wheels on both sides were bent, making the car undriveable. So, we went back inside, called a cab, and went back to my place.

Poor Honda. I hope they can fix you or send you to a nice farm in the country.

To all you people who drive drunk: taxis are MUCH cheaper than your deductible. Give them a try, okay?


Darling you can always get a new car be thankful no one was in it when it happened.
toddx said…
I agree, Mags. I just felt bad for Rand. I just hope they caught the bastard who hit the car. I guess we'll find out Monday.

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