Nearly 2008

I'm heading off to dinner with friends, but I wanted to wish everyone who stops by a Happy New Year. To my far-flung friends, take care of yourselves tonight and for the rest of the year. Do one thing nice in 2008, then call it a year. Make this the year of YOU!! Ha ha.

The weather is pretty good here in SF. Much better than where my family is right now. Windy and in the teens?! That's inhuman. Personally, I prefer ringing in a new year when it's not too cold. It makes me feel a little more hopeful. Well, just a little. :P

Have you set any pre'solutions yet? I haven't. Why dissapoint myself early? I'll wait until tomorrow to set the unattainable goals for 2008.

January, as you may know, is my birthday month, so I'll be dreading that all night. 29 again. It's getting tougher. I need to invest in some better lighting, I fear.

Botox in '08!! Now that's a candidate who'll do something for you.

Be good, be bad, be fruitful but don't multiply. Eat something weird. Kiss a stranger. Buy something frivolous (especially if it's for me). Most of all, have fun.

Toodles, y'all.


Have a wonderful New Year Todd darling and don't fret about your birthday we should all look so good at 35.

There's only one resolution I make every year and one that I've always been able to keep, to continue smoking for another year.

Kisses and Hugs!
Unknown said…
I might actually buy something frivolous for you. Email me your address, and be afraid.

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