Monday, December 31, 2007

Nearly 2008

I'm heading off to dinner with friends, but I wanted to wish everyone who stops by a Happy New Year. To my far-flung friends, take care of yourselves tonight and for the rest of the year. Do one thing nice in 2008, then call it a year. Make this the year of YOU!! Ha ha.

The weather is pretty good here in SF. Much better than where my family is right now. Windy and in the teens?! That's inhuman. Personally, I prefer ringing in a new year when it's not too cold. It makes me feel a little more hopeful. Well, just a little. :P

Have you set any pre'solutions yet? I haven't. Why dissapoint myself early? I'll wait until tomorrow to set the unattainable goals for 2008.

January, as you may know, is my birthday month, so I'll be dreading that all night. 29 again. It's getting tougher. I need to invest in some better lighting, I fear.

Botox in '08!! Now that's a candidate who'll do something for you.

Be good, be bad, be fruitful but don't multiply. Eat something weird. Kiss a stranger. Buy something frivolous (especially if it's for me). Most of all, have fun.

Toodles, y'all.

New Year?

I was talking to my mom the other day and she remarked how depressing it can sound to say "The year's almost over!" I agree. What's a year? It's an arbitrary (albeit astronomical) segmentation of our lives here on this planet. From today to tomorrow, a year will not pass--merely a day. One day.

So, tomorrow I wish you New Day, Happy Day. As always.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Reading Isn't Dead Yet

Opus on Reading

Friday, December 28, 2007


The party preparation begins!

Feel like going to the zoo?

If you're going to the San Francisco zoo, my advice is "think again":

Dec. 25, 2007: A Siberian tiger named Tatiana escapes and kills a 17-year-old San Jose boy and injures two brothers.

Dec. 22, 2006: Tatiana attacks and mauls zookeeper Lori Komejan, causing deep lacerations to her arms.

February 2001: A zoo employee is attacked and injured by the claws of a cassowary, a 5-foot-tall, 80-pound flightless bird native to the tropical forests of New Guinea and northeastern Australia.

November 1994: Two Patas monkeys escape from the Primate Discovery Center. The monkeys are about 15 inches high and weigh around 35 pounds.

May 1990: Veteran zookeeper Alan Feinberg is attacked and bitten by a 90-pound Persian leopard as a crowd of schoolchildren watches in horror. The keeper is treated for deep wounds to his head and neck.

February 1990: A keeper suffers a lower back fracture after being knocked into a 10-foot-deep moat by Tinkerbelle, a 7,000-pound elephant.

October 1988: Tinkerbelle attacks animal health technician Gail Hedberg, who was treating the elephant for an abscess on its cheek. The elephant knocks the technician down and does a headstand on her. Hedberg suffers a crushed pelvis.

July 1985: Two Patas monkeys escape from the zoo and remain at large for six weeks before being recaptured behind the University of California medical complex on Mount Sutro.

April 1980: Five female City College students are caught fording the moat around Monkey Island. Police officers find a dead spider monkey in a duffel bag floating in the moat. The women are later given suspended jail sentences and six months' probation.

January 1979: A male Indian elephant injures keepers, knocking one into the moat.

November 1976: A 175-pound South American jaguar escapes from the zoo's animal hospital, where it was recovering from cracked footpads. Zoo director Saul Kitchener fells the animal, named Buster, with a dart from a tranquilizer gun

February 1976: An antelope leaps over a damaged fence and knocks a visitor to the ground, causing head injuries.

March 1972: A 3-year-old girl suffers a broken jaw and deep facial cuts when a camel leans over a fence and bites the child in the face. It drags her over the fence and tramples her.

March 1971: A 300-pound female tapir escapes from her compound and is found wandering on Sloat Boulevard. The tapir bounds over two police cars, denting both, and then knocks a police officer to the ground.

August 1969: An escaped chimpanzee bites two keepers.

April 1968: Amos Watson, a visitor, is mauled by a 450-pound lion, suffering puncture wounds over most of his body. Watson had climbed over a rail and tumbled into the moat. The lion is killed by one shot from a keeper's rifle.

August 1967: Zookeeper Robert Caldwell is badly bitten by a 400-pound orangutan. He was alone near the Great Ape Grotto when Big Red, the male orangutan, reached under the mesh-covered bars and grabbed Caldwell's left arm, pulling it into the cage. Then Linda, a female orangutan, chewed on the keeper's arm.

November 1962: May, a 6,000-pound elephant, attacks her keeper, battering him with her trunk and butting him with her head.

December 1960: A 500-pound lion reaches between the bars of its cage and hooks the arm of a keeper, who has to undergo two hours of surgery for his injuries.

May 1960: A 125-pound black leopard attacks a keeper who had been feeding the animal.

March 1949: A polar bear reaches through the bars of its cage and hooks a visitor's arm.

Mike Huckabee on Pakistan (I mean Mexico, I mean Pakistan)

DOES Mike Huckabee know where Pakistan is on the globe? Is everything just "south of the border" for Mike? Do I see a whole new market for "Benazir Burritos"?

I seriously could not make this stuff up.

Story in the NYTimes

DES MOINES — Mike Huckabee used the volatile situation in Pakistan Friday to make an argument for building a fence on the American border with Mexico and found himself trying to explain a series of remarks about Pakistanis and their nation.

On Thursday night he told reporters in Orlando, Fla.: “We ought to have an immediate, very clear monitoring of our borders and particularly to make sure if there’s any unusual activity of Pakistanis coming into the country.”

On Friday, in Pella, Iowa, he expanded on those remarks.

“When I say single them out I am making the observation that we have more Pakistani illegals coming across our border than all other nationalities except those immediately south of the border,” he told reporters in Pella. “And in light of what is happening in Pakistan it ought to give us pause as to why are so many illegals coming across these borders.”

In fact, far more illegal immigrants come from the Philippines, Korea, China and Vietnam, according to recent estimates from the Department of Homeland Security.

Asked how a border fence would help keep out Pakistani immigrants, Mr. Huckabee argued that airplane security was already strong, but that security at the southern United States border was dangerously weak.

“The fact is that the immigration issue is not so much about people coming to pick lettuce or make beds, it’s about someone coming with a shoulder-fired missile,” he said.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hey, Hipsters! Ron Paul doesn't buy this whole "evolution" thing

But, you go right ahead and vote for him. I'm sure he knows better than your Ivy League professors anyway.

Rand Got Hacked!!

Rand's MySpace page got hacked by a bot which subsequently posted a bulletin in his name. Ridic! I was, however, excited to see that Kim Kardashian may be nominated for an Academy Award for her sex tape performance. Go Oscar!!

Dear MySpace,

We all know you're a has-been website, but you seriously need to fix your security issues, invest in some infrastructure (the slow page loading is so 2001), and get rid of the bug in the system that makes the damn thing think I'm gay. I mean, really!!

Benazir Bhutto: 1953-2007

My condolences to Pakistan. My regrets to Pakistan. My shock, horror, and anger to Pakistan. You may have killed your best hope.

Benazir Bhutto: 1953-2007

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I Blame Global Warming (and Illegal Immigrants)

Tiger Kills Visitor at SF Zoo

(12-25) 18:34 PST San Francisco - -- One San Francisco Zoo visitor was killed and two others injured early this evening after a tiger escaped from its cage.

The tiger that got loose was fatally shot while it was attacking a patron, said San Francisco Fire Department spokesman Lt. Ken Smith.

The attack happened shortly after the zoo's 5 p.m. closing time at a cafe on the east end of the zoo, officials said. The tiger cages are located near the center of the zoo.

The condition of the two injured patrons was not immediately known. It was also not clear how the tiger escaped.

The story on SF Gate

Monday, December 24, 2007

Yacy's Citizenship Party

She passed! And now she's going to La France?! It's true. School in France beckons and she will be gone for a year studying business. Drinks are on her when she gets back.

Rand and me Yacy and Rand Yacy, Rachel, and Christine

Utterly ridiculous, yet utterly entertaining

From the first "toot," I couldn't stop laughing. Does that make me a bad person?

And, no, I don't have anything better to do on Xmas Eve.

Shark of Wisdom

I like the Shark of Wisdom. His/her wisdom is esoteric--like mine.

Visit the Shark here: Shark of Wisdom

Happy Xmas!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, especially you, Mags, my most faithful reader. I'm sending Santa's little helper your way as a thank you. Enjoy.

Santa's Little Helper

Holiday weekends in SF

All kinds come out to shop in San Francisco during the Christmas season. Like this guy I photographed on Market Street on Sunday:

Xmas superhero #2 in SF

Xmas superhero in SF

Dude, Thunderdome was last week. This is Radical Faerie week. Jeez.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cloverfield 01.18.08

I've become a billboard, but I can't wait to see this.

Easily, the best Christmas special ever

This was a gay boy's dream lineup for the holidays: Zsa Zsa, Oprah, Charo, Whoopie, kd lang, and GRACE JONES!!!

Seriously, this show was for kids. I miss this more innocent time.

And, in case you're not sure who Grace Jones is, here are a few more vids of this diva extraordinaire:

Listening to: KQED

Friday, December 21, 2007

Travelling this holiday?

I'm glad I'm not if this scene from O'hare is any indication.

Enjoy the peanuts, cramped seats, invasive body searches, and random blood clots.

Wait. Now it's sounding more fun.

Machete Sales Are Up!

It must be election time in Kenya.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

FCC Eases Media Ownership Rules?!

Fear not. This little blog will remain the free, independent voice of a modern-day curmudgeon who just happens to be hopped up on caffeine.

Liberté! Egalité! Et une verre du thé!

FCC story

I'm only going to say this once

Get some Chapstick, Michael Jackson!

I know it's winter and all, but there's no excuse for lips this chapped.

Oh, Burt (of the eponymous Burt's Bees), where art thou?!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Queer Moment of the Day

Now, I'm not big on posting NSFW items on my blog and, I really don't think this qualifies, but I want to tell you it's rated PG-13.

I love this video. It's sexy, it's hot, it's funny, and it shows a comfortable intimacy between two men that is unthreatening and enjoyable in my opinion.

So, if the sight of two men kissing is too much for you, don't hit play.

Xmas Parties

So many parties, so little time. Here are a few pics from my co-worker Michael's party. Michael and his partner David throw an amazing party. Their home is decked out with 8 or more xmas trees. I can't begin to imagine the Santa Claus themed nightmares I would have if I stayed there more than a day. :)

Hit and Run?

Last night, Rand and I went to a wine and cheese holiday party at Sean and Blake's apartment. We had plenty of wine, pounds of cheese, and desserts to snack on. In short, I'm fat now. :)

Around 10 PM we all heard a crash/bang sound. Blake dismissed it as one of the many accidents that happen on Lincoln street. Little did we know. . .

When we left the party and walked out to Rand's car, this is what we found:

Rand's Car #1

Rand's Car #2

On the windshield was a note from the police that Rand's car had been hit by a drunk driver. They left him the case number and a phone number to call (a department that's closed until Monday by the way). Needless to say, as you can probably see from the pics, the car wasn't in great shape. The rear wheels on both sides were bent, making the car undriveable. So, we went back inside, called a cab, and went back to my place.

Poor Honda. I hope they can fix you or send you to a nice farm in the country.

To all you people who drive drunk: taxis are MUCH cheaper than your deductible. Give them a try, okay?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Busy busy!

I know. I've been away for a long time. I'll be back soon with some updates--just for you, Brian. :)


Saturday, December 1, 2007