Amy's Organic Food--Now With Extra Bugs!

My friend Renee likes Amy's Organic meals. In fact, she eats something from Amy's nearly 4 times a week. After all, it's healthy and easy to prepare at work. One of her favorites is the Brown Rice and Vegetable Bowl. Imagine: simple, tasty organic food in a ready-to-microwave bowl. They must have been designed by the Office Gods.

Amy's Brown Rice and Vegetables

Her most recent bowl contained a surprise, though. Although it was nowhere to be found on the official ingredients list, Renee found this in her bowl:

Bug #1

Bug #2 Bug #3 in situ

She thought it was a piece of plastic or something--until she realized that it had wings. Now, in Amy's defense, bugs are, by definition, organic. And the five minutes in the microwave oven undoubtedly sterilized it. The additional protein would have been good for her too.

So, when you're in the mood for a truly organic, just-packed-fresh-in-the-rainforest kind of experience, go pick up an Amy's Bowl.

Amy's Bowl: Redux


Anonymous said…
Have you ever tried Amy's "Waterbug and Mealworm Pilaf"? Yum!

speedracer (Matt)
Anonymous said…
that is disgusting. Wish I could post a pic... found a piece of a caterpillar or large larva in an amy's organic frozen entree. the company's response has been horrible.
toddx said…
Anon, that's awful. You should post photo on Flickr or Twitpic.

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