It Oughta Be A Sin!!

If you know a well-placed Monsignor in the Vatican, your favorite pet peeve could become the Catholic Church's newest sin! Don't hesitate. Submit your "sin" today. From mere peccadilloes to torturing armadillos, your personal annoyances could help shape the moral future of the world. For more details, go here.

My list:

1. Walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk, hallway, catwalk, etc. Stay to the right or burn in hell forever!

2. Turning right when the signal light is showing a red arrow. That means NO RIGHT TURNS, assface! Now, say hello to Beelzebub.

3. Sending me junk mail. Paper, email, banners flown from airplanes. I hate it all. Now you can address it all from Hades' zip code, MF.

4. Hogging the tennis court. If you're there to play, then play. Don't waste my time discussing how you're going to get a new job making even more money, you PacHeights piece of trash.

5. Procreation. I mean, come on! It's just gross and we have way too many people as it is.

Whew, what a rant. Okay, loving, kissing. Peace is every step. In with the good; out with the bad.

Have a great week (yes, it's just Monday. . . . )


You boys play
For the love of the game.
You get no pay,
And I'm just the same.
I have my fun
Though my funds are low,
But come what may,
I won't turn pro.

I love what I'm doing
When I'm doing it for love,
The kick that I get is my reward.
If the lad is not a spender,
I'm inclined to be more tender,
And believe you me, I'm never bored.
I get more thrills spending my evenings
In a quiet spot for two
Than up in a penthouse high above.
If I had a palm that itches,
I could go from rags to riches,
But I love what I'm doing
When I'm doing it for love.

I love what I'm doing
When I'm doing it for love,
I know ev'ry bench in Central Park.
If the lad who comes a-wooing
Wants to take me out canoeing,
It's the greatest thing since Noah's Ark.
And if a guy takes me out driving
And his motorcar breaks down,
I roll up my sleeves and help him shove.
But I'm really in my heyday
If he wants ten bucks till payday,
'Cause I love what I'm doing
When I'm doing it for love.

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