No Gays Allowed

How do I get the message out in a diplomatic way that I find this flyer and the fact that it is sent out to everyone in my company offensive? I simply cannot support in any way the Red Cross' nor the Blood Centers' willingness to abide by the ban on gay men from donating blood.

Chronicle Book 03-20-08 (flyer) JA


Darling couldn't you say your a hemophiliac like mad King Ludwig of Bavaria or that it's against your religon to give blood, personally I wouldn't have that problem since I haven't had any blood since 1917.

I used to donate to the Red Cross every Xmas for years until I found out their policy regarding Gay people, i think it's been about 10 years since I last wrote them a check.
kog said…
send this video and link around. it'll speak for you. especially the video. it will spark dialogue and might educate a few people.

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