Thursday Night's Quickie

I went with Renee and several other Chronicle Books colleagues to IDEO's "Quickie #3" on Pier 28. Wine, beer, food, and creative play set the stage for a fun night. If you have a chance to attend one of these events, I recommend giving it a shot. We saw art, brief presentations about online gaming communities by the head of EA games, skipping demonstrations, cheerleading by my favorite burlesque group, The Cock-Ts, and an inexplicable but thoroughly enjoyable performance by Scotty the Blue Bunny. Welcome to San Francisco, Scotty!

And, of course, I can't leave without taking a minute to show off those lovely Cock-Ts (minus one, I fear--Mel wasn't up to the challenge that night). Chester's intro may have gone on a little long, too, but please keep in mind that he's usually drunk and high during these things:


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