Friends Helping Friends: Binding Wedding Invitations

Several of us gathered this week at Chronicle Books to help Renee and Yasu bind their wedding invitations. Each letter pressed page had to be put in order to form the booklet. Then we punched three holes on the side and bound them like a little Japanese booklet with red thread. They looked great. And whoever punched all those holes did a FANTASTIC job!! (Okay, it was me.)

Kudos to the binding crew: Beth, Amanda, Joyce, Courtney, Michael, Todd X, and special unexpected guest star (no, not Heather Locklear) Michelle Clair.

We finished around 8 or 8:30 PM, then Renee, Courtney and I went to dinner at Koh Samui and the Monkey. Yum. Thai food. I had the red curry with chicken and we shared some delicious green beans.

And a little video to celebrate the event:


Unknown said…
Wow, I thought my invitation looked a little ... "special." Now I know why!

See you at the wedding?
toddx said…
Definitely. I'll be driving up that weekend.

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