Update on the 12345678unionsquaresf.com Event

Here's what happened at 3:45 PM today in San Francisco's Union Square: spontaneous dancing to Bjork! I loved it and so did all the innocent bystanders. Sorry for the quality of the short video clip. All I had was my phone. Luckily, the weather today was gorgeous. A perfect opportunity to dance with abandon in public.

Bjork Dance San Francisco

Bjork Dance San Francisco

And, then it ended as quickly and quietly as it began. The people dispersed as though nothing had been planned. I think this kind of happy thing should happen more often.

Full video here


Rachael said…
That is so awesome. I hope that happens to me someday!
Anonymous said…
Glad you enjoyed our event :)
toddx said…
It was great! Thanks for putting it together.

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