Going Out of Town Again

Gay Pride is this weekend in SF, so I'm gettin' out of Dodge. Friends and I are heading up to Russian River for a quieter weekend outside the city. I'll be poolside with my book and the signature cocktail I've devised for the weekend: the M. Night Shyamalemonade. It's a mixture of silver tequila, limoncello, lemon juice, superfine sugar, and some soda.

If you've seen his latest movie, you'll understand why I feel the need to hear people saying "Why are you eyein' my lemon drink" all weekend long.

Happy Pride!!


Anonymous said…
Todd, Todd, Todd, shame on you. You are probably going to miss pride's salute to gay marriage. I think you should turn in your gay card and be required to date women from this day forward.
toddx said…
I know, I know. But, I just couldn't handle the crowds. Instead, I will dedicate myself to fighting the fires of Northern California this weekend. A hose in one hand, a martini in the other. What a glorious sight.
Darling Todd, the very thought of you holding a hose sets me all a flutter.
Rachael said…
Your new drink cracks me up, I want one.
toddx said…

It was delicious!

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