Vacations Too Expensive? Try Staycations!

Have you heard this term before? I just read this little article about them. Little did I know that I spent most of my weekends on "staycation." ;-)

The Summer of Staycations


* Now when the kids ask "Are we there yet?" the answer can be a confident "Yes." With skyrocketing gas prices, the days of loading the family into the SUV and hitting the road may be coming to a close (Los Angeles Times 4.7.08).
* Long weekends near home or just plain time off are replacing the annual summer vacation as cost-conscious consumers look for ways to keep the family entertained without draining the savings account.
* Popular staycations include backyard BBQs, hiking, boating, spa outings (for friends). Solo flyers are turning down connectivity in favor of gardening, reading or napping.


* Skimping on vacation miles traveled doesn't mean skimping on vacation quality. Cost-conscious consumers are still looking for all the fun, just without the hassles and expenses that are associated with today's travel.
* Suburbanites and city slickers exploring what their local metropolis has to offer are patting themselves on the back for being doubly responsible: to their wallets, and to the environment.


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