Review: 1300 on Fillmore

Rand and I had our second dinner at 1300 last night with our friends Sean and Blake. From the first cocktail to the banana cream pie, the whole experience was really good. I like the decor, the space, and the overall vibe. Our service was attentive and friendly.

I began with a Mandarin Cosmo. It's fantastic and I highly recommend this drink. I mean, I was going to see Sex and the City afterwards. What else should I have been drinking?

To start, we had the Warm Poached Egg Salad. It was like eating a delicious plate of bacon-y goodness. Sean ordered the Shrimp Hushpuppies and Blake got a Baby Arugula salad.

For our entrees, I had the Fried Chicken. It's deboned, battered and friend and was really good. The breading might have been a little thick and crunchy for my taste (if we're splitting hairs here), but I ate every bit and liked the little bit of spiciness. The truffled potatoes were good, too. I would have appreciated another veggie, but I'll live.

Blake ordered the lamb with grits. It was tender and delicious. We had the best two entrees if I do say so myself. Rand and Sean both (I think) ordered the halibut. They said it was good, but the portion seemed a little small.

For dessert, Sean ordered Banana Cream Pie for us all to share. I had one bite and it was really tasty.

I also had a Pomegranate Martini during dinner. It was a little too sweet but drinkable.

All in all, I would have to recommend 1300. I've had two good meals there. It's a great addition to the neighborhood.


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