Bacon for Beth

This post is wholly and completely for Beth--who LOVES bacon. And, really, who doesn't? (Shout out to my Jewish friends!)



Morning, I'll be getting up, Morning, I'll be setting up.
A tiny table for two.
Breakfast, I'll be making his breakfast,
he'll be taking his shave and his shower,
My happy hour

The coffee is steaming,
Oh boy what I'm dreaming
I'm cooking breakfast
For the one I love.
My baby likes bacon,
And that's what I'm making!
I'm cooking breakfast
For the one I love.
Our life has been so nice and sunny
right from the start
When I've won his tummy, I'll win his heart.
My baby is happy, no wonder I'm happy
I'm cooking breakfast for the one I love.
Unknown said…
What, no love for vegan friends! Pff!
lovesbacon said…
Have you been spying on Egan and me?

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