Bake Sales for the Starving

Is it strange that people where I work are taking the time to bake cookies, muffins, brownies, etc. so that they can sell them and then give the money to a non-profit that helps feed people? I feel like we need to trim the middle-man fat here and just give the money straight to the non-profit, right?


Anonymous said…
In theory I agree with you, but you are not factoring one thing. If 40 cupcakes require $2.00 worth of ingredients and energy to bake and you sell the cupcakes for $40.00 you have increased that original donation by 20 times. Judging by the way you were scarfing down the donuts, cake and other dairy treats before, during and after your friends' weddings, I think it was a wise decision. Btw, I am not implying or calling you fat, because you're not, I am saying alot of your posts of late have included junk food.

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