A DIY Project I Can Really Get Behind: How to embed a bottle of vodka in solid ice

I'm not the most crafty person you will ever meet. In fact, I would prefer to buy something new as opposed to repairing it myself. The thought of sanding, buffing, caulking, sawing, grinding, sewing and/or decoupaging something makes me want to run screaming for the mall. I mean, have you heard of Amazon or Macy's? They sell stuff to replace broken stuff. It's like the circle of life or something.

But. Then there's vodka and all things vodka related. When I read about this particular project, I thought to myself, "Maybe I AM a DIY kind of person." After all, I know how to buy vodka and I know how to make ice. (Psst, it's called Iced Tea and Sarcasm for a reason) Add to that, an empty milk carton (I can buy milk too) and some random flowers (they sell those, right?), and you've got yourself the basic materials for a frozen block of vodka icy deliciousness.

So, you can either read the whole thing on WikiHow, or you can follow this shorthand method:

1. Buy vodka. It's your choice, but please don't buy something cheap and gross. This bottle will be stuck in this block of ice like Excalibur and will represent your vodka tastes for years to come. Choose wisely. I suggest Grey Goose or Hanger One.

2. Clean out a 1/2 gallon milk carton.

3. Put the vodka bottle in the carton and fill with twice boiled water. This will make the ice clearer.

4. Carefully pick up the carton--don't jostle it or add any additional air bubbles which will interfere with the clarity of your ice.

5. Add any accoutrements you may want to your ice: flowers, gummy bears, toy soldiers, or condoms. Wedge them between the bottle and the side of the milk carton so they stay in place.

6. Place the bottle and carton in the freezer. Make sure it's flat and the bottle can stand upright. Freeze overnight at least.

7. Remove the ice/bottle from the carton--carefully! You can run it under cool water to loosen it from the milk carton. Cracking may occur. Don't cry. It's fine. Then you can shape the ice if you want. Make it more rounded, etc. I like to add Babylonian cuneiform shapes, but that's just how I roll.

8. Place the frozen bottle on a serving tray and wrap in a nice cloth napkin. This will make it easier to serve the delicious, chilly, syrupy vodka.

9. Return to the freezer when not in use. You can reuse this bottle many many times. Just keep filling it with your favorite vodka.

10. Invite me over for a vodka tasting party and have plenty of snacks. I tend to get the munchies when I drink.

Thanks for reading and best of luck to you in your DIY adventures!


Gauss Jordan said…
Very interesting. I'll certainly try that. In the past, we've simply left the vodka and shot glasses in the freezer. ;-)

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