Fashion Victim Deals with Student Uprising: Corduroy Skirts Are A Sin

This poor woman was confronted by an eerily happy, smiling mob of fashion-hating Syracuse students protesting her questionable use of corduroy. Why can't we just get along, people? When will we learn to accept people for their differences and "live and let live"? Why must we be so judgmental? So filled with hate? So "HAPPY" to attack people who've clearly done nothing to us?

It must stop! Students of the world, leave this poor woman and her cohorts alone. (Imagine that I'm like Chris Crocker right now.) Let her carry her signs and wear her purple hoodie and unflattering brown skirt. Let her preach her message of hatred and intolerance. Let her wear those shoes!! Oh, hell, who am I kidding? Those SHOES!!! I can picture them now. Get them off, call a priest, we need an exorcism now! It's too much. In fact, those shoes are definitely a sin. Sorry brown corduroy skirt lady, but I cannot accept your particular lifestyle choice.

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